I have held off blogging my summer weddings while I patiently waited for my new blog ….. now it is here and I am soooooooooooooooo excited to share with you how I have been spending my weekends!!

The Wedding of Michael and Nicole kicked off summer wedding season!

The minute I walked into the room and saw this gorgeous sight … I knew my day was going to incredible!!

Nicole … You are so beautiful!

Michael had sent Nicole a sweet wedding day gift.  She kept switching from tears to giggles!  It was just precious to see her excitement!

The Wedding took place on the beautiful Campus of Berea College:

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs!!

The Reception was held at Boone Tavern!

Jason of Kentucky Pro DJ was in charge or this celebration and he did not disappoint!

The newlyweds and their guests had an amazing time!



Thank you to Nicole and Michael for Sharing your Beautiful Day with me!

I wish you all the happiness in the world and I look forward to keeping in touch!!


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This was my very first trip to New York City and I am certain it will not be my last!

I truly loved everything about this city!  Even the rain!!

My shoot for the day was supposed to take place on the Brooklyn Bridge!  How romantic is that??!

The rain might have kept us from venturing out that far, but that did not dampen our spirits in the least!

This will be a favorite image for a very long time:

I will not say that we were not cold.  It was reallllllllly cold and and the wind made it difficult to even walk  so we decided to seek shelter on the subway!  =]

When you go from one extreme temperature to the other … camera lenses do not often cooperate, but I liked what mine was doing just fine!  =]

Kamee!!  Thank You Thank You Thank  You for this amazing adventure!  Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed our trip together!

Katrina!! You simply are incredibly talented!!  Your magic touch made my day perfect!!

Thank you so much also to our incredibly models for the day … whose love for one another kept each other warm, but so willingly shared their love for our beautiful images!!

I <3 NYC  (and I have a t-shirt that proves it!)  =]



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Do you remember the part in the movie Home Alone …. when the entire family oversleeps for their Paris adventure??

My very own NYC adventure began in this exact way.  No excuses for oversleeping for a very important day except for the fact that three friends stayed up slumber party style giggling until it was way too late!

It was a big day!!  Kellie Carter was Kickin’ It with Kamee June!  I had originally planned to visit Kamee in Southern California, but one day an email and text trail led us to start planning our adventure in the Big Apple!

We literally lept out of bed and sprang into action!

It was cRazY!!

Kamee and I whisked off to breakfast while Katrina met and started prepping our gorgeous models for the day!

When we were all ready … the rain had settled in.  Not just a little rain .. lots and lots of rain!

No problems!  We made the best of our day in every way!

We started out indoors and these are some of my very favorites!

Part Two of my adventure coming up soon!!

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Me …. I am most often the one BEHIND the camera …. not in front of it!

While on a fabulous adventure to NYC this spring, I was able to have a little photoshoot of my own! No pressure there, but I had the easy role!

Being in the battlefield of a re-branding process I really wanted to have an updated profile picture of my website and who better to make this happen, but the awesome team of Kamee and Kat!

Thank you from the depths of my heart to Kamee June for capturing this time in my life.  I am so blessed to have you as a friend.  How is it that you seem to know be better than myself at times?!!  =] You just truly captured ‘me’ and I am forever grateful.

Many thanks also to my new friend Katrina Kirk as well!  She got up early one morning to style my make up and hair for the quick photo session  before we all headed our separate ways back home!  You are Amazing!!

I so wish we all lived closer!!!

Thank you for both for the belief that you have in me and encouraging me to believe more in myself!

Love you Both!


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